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Today's players are lucky to have so much access to so many online slots from well-known game developers.

Modern online slots also have amazing graphics and sound effects, and developers are constantly coming up with innovative ideas that will always make our game exciting.

Before we let you enjoy the best slots, however, we must emphasize the importance of choosing a good casino. Thanks to this, you will be able to discover fantastic online games without worrying about safety and fair play.

Join one of the proven online casinos you will find on our website and play the best online slots!

Top 10 online slots for 2023

The gambling market is full of quality slots, but which titles deserve special attention from players?

Top 10 online slots for 2023

Here are the best of the best – 10 online slots that we think are the top three slots games in 2023:

1. 15 Crystal Roses – RTP 96.2%

15 Crystal Roses A Tale of Love from Play'n GO is an absolute legend among online slots. Modern graphics, atmospheric music and attention to detail will provide you with unforgettable experiences!

2. Jurassic Party – RTP 96.5%

Jurassic Party slot from Relax Gaming is an ingenious combination of cinema classics and a magical atmosphere. Win the highest prizes by matching the cute dinosaur symbols – up to 20,000 times the value of a single bet!

3. Mental – RTP 96.1%

Mental slot from NoLimit City is something for fans of dark atmospheres known from horror movies. If horror is your favorite movie genre – we definitely recommend this slot. Strong sensations guaranteed!

4. Thunderstruck 2 by Microgaming – RTP 96.7%

Thunderstruck 2 by Microgaming is an opportunity to play very profitable free spins with big winnings. All this to the sounds of thunder and surrounded by gods familiar from Norse mythology.

5. Dead or Alive 2 – RTP 96.8%

Dead or Alive 2 by NetEnt is another slot that belongs to the world's elite. Feel like you're in the Wild West without leaving your home. Maximum win up to 111,111 times the value of the bet!

6. Immortal Romance by Microgaming – RTP 96.9%

Immortal Romance from leading provider Microgaming is a slot with a unique dark atmosphere and atmospheric musical setting. Something for risk lovers and an original approach to bonus rounds, thanks to which you can win free spins!

7. Mega Moolah – RTP 93.4%

Mega Moolah is another slot in our ranking from the legendary provider Microgaming. The slot machine has been among the world's elite for years, and players from all over the world invariably love it.

8. Tome of Madness by Play'n GO – RTP 96.6%

The online slot Tome of Madness shrouded in a mysterious fog is a great work of the famous Swedish studio Play'n GO. It's also a battle with terrifying creatures for precious gems, all on the brink of madness!

9. Sweet Bonanza by Pragmatic Play – RTP 96.5%

Sweet Bonanza by Pragmatic Play is a slot machine devoid of heavy atmospheres and high volatility. It will definitely appeal to fans of charming colors and an atmosphere that will allow you to relax.

10. Gonzo's Quest by NetEnt – RTP 96%

An undeniable legend among online slots - Gonzo's Quest from NetEnt. A world classic that, despite its advanced age, does not lose popularity and continues to attract thousands of players from all over the world!

Why is it worth playing online slots - and is it safe?

Online slots are very popular games that are worth considering when registering at a casino. We should also mention that online slots are much more profitable than their land-based cousins.

On our site you will find reviews of the leading online casino games and safe casinos where you can try them!

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Is it legal to play slot machines in Bulgaria?

Using the licensed online casinos available on our site ensures complete security of your online slot game.

In addition, all slots from reputable manufacturers are based on a Random Number Generator (RNG), making the game 100% random and fair.

Of course, it is always necessary to follow the rules of responsible gaming, regardless of the casino and game we choose.

What are online slots and why are they worth playing?

Online slots, also called slot machines, are internet versions of traditional casino games like the one-armed bandit.

Their huge plus is the fact that they are both engrossing entertainment and a chance to earn decent money. Of course, they also carry a certain amount of risk, but perhaps that is exactly their charm.

Rotators that fit your play style

Slot machines online can be very different from each other. The most important thing in the beginning is to find an online slot that matches well with your needs and expectations as a player.

What to pay attention to when choosing rotary machines?

In our opinion, there are 6 main things that determine the nature of slots - and whether a given game will suit you. Here are those things:

1. Topic

Reels are supported in a variety of stylistic motifs, from classic fruit variants to blood-filled vampires. For a good start, choose a game theme that matches your interests or favorite aesthetic.

2. Profitability of the game

If you're hoping for an attractive prize, bet on high-payout slots. Of course, this still does not give you any guarantee, however, your mathematical chances of financial success will be significantly higher.

3. Risk

Remember that all real money gambling involves a certain amount of risk. Always assess the risk involved in a game and never bet money during a game that you cannot afford to lose.

4. Slot variability

Note that casino slots with high volatility not only have a high prize potential, but also a lower statistical chance of winning. We definitely recommend cautious and balanced play in case of this type of games.

5. Rate of return

RTP or rate of return is how much percentage of the money wagered in the game by the player is returned back. High RTP slots are those that have this coefficient between 90-97 percent. It is these slots that give you the highest chance of winning.

6. Your gaming budget

Casino bankroll management is a skill that will keep you from crashing while playing online slots.

Always start the game with full awareness of your maximum budget and never let emotions get the better of reason.

What are the types of rotary machines?

In order to choose a game well, it is also good to be familiar with the different types of slots. Let's see what online slots await us in today's internet casinos.

Number of reels

In slot games, the term "reels" refers to the vertical bars on which, after the game is started, the symbols change their position, deciding whether we have won or lost in the given game.

Here are some common variations of reel games and their brief description.

  • 3 reel reels

This type of online slots is most similar to the progenitor of all slots today – the classic slot machine (also known as the one-armed bandit).

These are usually simple fruit slots that have one to five paylines.

  • 5-reel reels

Today, this is definitely the most common type of online slot machine.

5-reel slots give game makers a lot more room to show off than 3-reel slots, which is why they're the basis of many popular progressive jackpot slots and more.

  • Reels with 7 reels

With the development of the gambling industry, game manufacturers are experimenting more and more often with a larger number of reels.

This gives players an unprecedented wealth of symbols, multipliers and modifiers on the reels, and thus new chances for big wins!

Game type

The beauty of online slots is that thanks to modern technology, they can be designed in many ways and in a variety of styles. However, the most popular types of slot games can be found in most online casinos. Here are those types:

  • Classic slots and fruit machines

These are online slots for all players who love the nostalgia of the golden era of slot machines in land based casinos. This kind of online casino games are characterized by their attractive simplicity and traditional, unpretentious style.

  • Video slots

Online slots have almost no creative limits and often their graphics are extremely impressive. This type of slots can have over 100 paylines, a wide selection of bonus symbols and many interactive mini games.

  • 3D Rotary

3D slots are a subcategory of video slots, but they're different enough to deserve a separate section. These online slots use 3D technology, which allows for extremely realistic game play.

  • Progressive jackpot slots

Progressive jackpot slots are a type of slot machine whose jackpot is constantly growing. The more players play a slot, the bigger the jackpot becomes.

  • Megaways Automata

Online slots based on the Megaways game engine allow the reels to generate a random number of symbols on each spin. Each spin brings a random number of ways to win, which greatly affects the winning potential.

  • Linked Symbol Slots (Cluster Reels)

These online casino slots work on a different principle than classic slots. They also do not have traditionally understood profit lines. To win in these slots, you need to look for clusters or groups of symbols.

  • Slots with multiple paylines

As the name of this type of game suggests, multi-payline slots provide players with more opportunities to win compared to standard slots. Typically, they are associated with the need to bet larger amounts, which also leads to higher risk.

  • Slots with bonus purchase feature

This type of slots gives us the opportunity to buy a bonus that dynamizes the game and significantly increases our chances of winning. This is a great solution for all players who are tired of waiting for bonus symbols to appear.

  • Hold and Win slots

Spins of this type include the Hold and Win feature, thanks to which the player receives an unlimited number of free spins. To activate the feature, however, we must first catch a suitable combination of scatter symbols.

How to increase your chances of winning the slots?

First, let's clarify one thing: you cannot influence in any way the game of online slots itself, as all slot games are completely random. However, there are some aspects that you should pay attention to before starting a game that can really affect your success in the game. There they are:

  • Read our reviews

On our site you will find hundreds of reviews of all slots - both the hot hits and the older classics. Each review can provide information about the slot's features and winning potential, which will help you know ahead of time what to expect from certain games.

  • Watch streamers on the internet

There are many free records on the internet uploaded by slot fans. These videos are a great opportunity to see popular streamers play the latest and greatest slots. Who knows, maybe you'll learn some interesting trick or gameplay?

  • Is there such a thing as a strategy for playing slots?

It's hard to talk about real strategy when it comes to a game based on a random algorithm. This is exactly the case with all slot games.

At the same time, it's important to take care of all the other factors that affect your game. For starters, make sure you follow the rules for managing your gaming budget wisely. A great way to start is also using a suitable casino bonus, especially the best free spins out there right now!

  • How slot games work

Here are a few important aspects of slot machines that every player should understand:

What are paylines and what should you do with them?

Paylines are predetermined winning combinations of symbols on the reels. Our task is, of course, to hope that they will appear during our game!

  • What are wild symbols?

The role of wild symbols is to replace any other symbol you are missing to get a payline. If you've ever played cards and know how jokers work, then you also know how wild symbols work.

  • What are scatter symbols?

Like wild symbols, scatters are your allies during the game. If at least three scatter symbols appear on the reels, a bonus round will be activated or you will be awarded free spins.

  • With a bit of luck, you can hit the bonus round!

Slots play becomes even more dynamic towards winning when you hit the bonus round. For this to happen, you only need one lucky spin of the reels!

It's not hard to get free spins either

  • Bet on slots that particularly generously reward players with bonus rounds! 

This is a great way to get free spins that make the game much easier.

  • The difference between standard jackpots and progressive jackpots

The classic variant of the jackpot is nothing but a predetermined pool to win in a given game. Much more exciting for many players is the prospect of winning a progressive jackpot that grows continuously and without limit!

Practice the game for free!

On the Internet you can find many free slots, although usually this requires the creation of an account on the respective site. However, if you prefer to practice on a completely free basis, we recommend playing in free demo mode, which many casinos and game manufacturers offer on their sites.

Online slots providers worth paying attention to

Not all game developers and their online slots are worth your time and money.

Here are three of our favorite providers who regularly release high-quality slots with perfectly decent winnings.

  • NetEnt and their stellar Starburst slot

NetEnt is in a class of its own and an absolute role model in our industry.

Among the best sellers of this provider you will find the beautiful game Starburst, where diamonds, stardust and stunning winnings await you.

  • Yggdrasil and their Nordic slot Age of Asgard

Yggdrasil is another iGaming powerhouse and each of their productions resonates widely in the gaming community. Their Age of Asgard slot machine is also really powerful where the player will fight for big wins in the atmosphere of Norse mythology.

  • Play'n GO and their ancient game Legacy of Egypt

Play'n GO is a strong player in the gambling scene from Sweden.

Be sure to try their stylish Legacy of Egypt slot, where the legendary treasures of an ancient civilization await you in the Pharaoh's tomb.

Slots Glossary - Learn the Jargon of the Industry!

Below we have prepared a glossary of the most important terms related to slot machines.

  • Winning line – the line on which winning combinations of symbols must appear on the reels of the slot for the player to reach the payout amount.
  • Although – Reels or discs that spin in the symbol reels window.
  • Jackpot – The highest prize that online slots can pay out.
  • Free spins – a bonus feature in slot games that gives you an extra chance to win.
  • Symbols – Illustrations on slot reels. It used to be cherries, dollar signs, weeks or money bags, and now many more depending on the play style.
  • Scatter – Symbols that trigger a bonus round or award free spins.
  • Maximum bet – Spins button which allows the player to bet the maximum number of credits or units in one spin.
  • Bonus feature – Special symbols, free spins or multipliers that help you play. It is currently available on many slots.
  • Coins – They come in various denominations from pennies to five dollars or more.
  • Hit Rate – A statistical indicator of how often a slot machine pays out.
  • Multiplier – a bonus feature where payouts can be multiplied if you win.
  • Earnings table – A slot machine sign that tells you what the winning combinations are and how many credits they win.
  • RNG (Random Number Generator) – An algorithm that randomly selects game outcomes from all possible sequences.

Spin – Spin button which activates the spinning of the reels. In other words – the game is on!